This is an unapologetic viewpoint from a local who resides in a beach town.


Living in a beach town, we love when we are "in season."  The tourist come in and the town comes alive.  Not only with an economic boost, but the whole atmosphere changes.  With that being said, there are a few things that locals, like myself, would like to see from tourist on vacation.  We depend on you to...BRING YOUR BRAINS WITH YOU! 



 While I am driving towards our beach area, I will observe this happening at least once a day.  This is the 1st item on the list,  There will be a vehicle in front of me with a family inside of it.  I notice they are all pointing to the right, while driving in the left lane.  Next minute I know, their vehicle will slowly move toward the location of their pointing,  With no signal being used, they just make their way over to the place they desire.  Please remember, there are other drivers on the road...BRING YOUR BRAINS WITH YOU! 


 We love the beach,  I have to say, I have raised beach babies.  While sitting on the beach, I love to see all the different families enjoying their vacation.  It seems like everyone is taking in the sun and relaxed.  This brings me to the 2nd item on the list.  If you have children, naturally they are excited to be at the beach.  They can barely stand still while you are applying sunscreen on them.  But, when it is time to go down to the water, don't tell them to go ahead and run there,  If you do, all your children, will now being kicking up sand into the faces of others.  Just remind them to walk...BRING YOUR BRAINS WITH YOU! 


 For many, trying different restaurants, is an important part of their beach vacation.  In the town I live in, there are many to choose from.  But, if you are entering a restaurant on a Saturday night, there is a good chance, you will be placed on a wait list.  For some, this could be up to an hour.  This is the 3rd item on the list.  I understand that you have had a long wait, and for many, have had a long day of travel.  By the time you are seated, you are starving.  But do not think, that once you are seated, the food is going to come quickly.  Think about it, you just waited an hour to get a table. You will need  to have patience, while waiting for your food.  The employees of that restaurant are working hard to give you the best service you deserve.  But, being that it is busy, they can only fulfill your order in a certain amount of time.  You are at this restaurant on one of the busiest nights...BRING YOUR BRAINS WITH YOU! 

 While you are excited about trying the different restaurants in the area, this brings me to the 4th item on the list.  I love to see families vacationing together.  Think about it, it is cheaper for everyone involved.  But please do not sit your children at one table, and the adults at another.  I understand you are on vacation, and you would like to have "adult time."  But, the server is not your private babysitter...BRING YOUR BRAINS WITH YOU! 


 The 5th item on the list...is probably the most important!  Everyone has the highest hopes for their vacation.  Creating memories is the most important.  Even for us "locals", it is like a staycation for us too!  But while you are on the beach or even at the boardwalk, DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS.  This is not a petting zoo.  There is no zoo keeper helping you at feeding time.  If you feed one, there is 20 more that show up instantly. They are not only surrounding you. but diving around others.  I know you may think it is cute at first, but the others around you, are not amused...BRING YOUR BRAINS WITH YOU! 


I understand that this is an unapologetic list.  It is not meant to take negatively, but a gently reminder, to respect others while you are on vacation.  The staff members that you come in contact with, are working hard to make your stay enjoyable.  There are other tourist and locals, who are looking for that same experience.  If you need to know what to bring to the beach you can go to THE ULTIMATE DAY AT THE BEACH FOR FAMILIES.   Always hoping that everyone has a great vacation, just remember to...BRING YOUR BRAINS WITH YOU!



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