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The Ultimate Family Weekend Getaway

 Pine Ridge Dude Ranch is an all inclusive family resort.  Make memories of a lifetime while sharing in a great outdoor adventure.  It doesn't have to be summertime...a weekend GETAWAY is just what your family needs.  

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Amazing Green Bean Casserole Without Baking

 This recipe, Amazing Green Bean Casserole Without Baking, takes the classic green bean casserole with cream of mushroom soup, and deconstructs it.  You have the great taste of green bean casserole without baking.  Only using the oven to toast your fried onion rings, this recipe will soon become a family favorite! 

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The Ultimate Sweet Potato Casserole Deconstructed

 This is a great twist for a classic holiday recipe, Sweet Potato Casserole Marshmallow.  Replacing your standard sweet potatoes or yams with tasty sweet potato fries,  You will fall in love, and have fun, with The Ultimate Sweet Potato Casserole Deconstructed. 

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Everyone knows that there is one word, that is used as a universal language, from luxury to indulgence.  That word is CHOCOLATE!  At 3 Some Chocolates, they specialize in all of them.  DON'T MISS OUT ON THESE UNIQUE CHOCOLATES!

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I have been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award!

 Words can not express how honored and humbled I am, to receive a nomination from a fellow blogger, for The Sunshine Blogger Award,  There are so many great bloggers out there.  Being new to this industry has been such a journey for me.  As each blogger does, we put ourselves out there for everyone to judge, in hope that you are creating content that can help others.  But, I am accepting this nomination, answering the questions asked of me, and look forward to announcing my own nominations of other bloggers. 


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Hi Everyone! My Name Is Ceci!

After working in the restaurant/hospitality industry for over 25 years, it is safe to say, that I have a great love for food and travel.  I am also raising a family of "foodies" who share in those same passions.  I am not only a Home Chef, but a mother to 5 beautiful daughters.  Which, by the way, certifies me as a short order cook!

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