The Ultimate Guide To Family Activities At Home

CoronaVirus | Social Distancing

 Each day, it seems like there is a new update, regarding the Coronavirus.  But, in these difficult times, there are many activities to do with kids at home.  Creating stability and a stress free environment has become mandatory.  This is The Ultimate Guide To Family Activities At Home. 


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One Sheet Pan Chicken And Gnocchi

 This easy chicken recipe is just how it sounds...easy!  Quick and simple, this Sheet Pan Chicken And Gnocchi, is a recipe that even children can help with. Chicken, broccoli, and gnocchi are the main ingredients.  Add olive oil and seasoning, and you have a tasty one sheet pan chicken recipe. 

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Simple Meal Planning Idea For Beginners

 This Create 2 Meals In 1 recipe is designed to take the hard work out of cooking and meal planning.  An easy recipe for 2 meals, Roasted Chicken Breast/Chicken Salad is comfort food made simple.  Tasty and is sure to become one of your favorites. 

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An Easy Recipe For Lent

  This is the easiest quiche recipe to make, and perfect for Lent.  With the help of spinach, tomatoes, black olives, and feta cheese....this vegetarian quiche is going to wow your taste buds and the ones you are serving!  


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The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches | Rehoboth & Lewes

 If you are thinking about vacationing at the Delaware Beaches, the first thing you will do is book a hotel, rent a vacation home, or even go camping.  The next step, is figuring out what you you will be doing. Most families or groups of friends will spend their time on the beaches.  But, their is so much to do then that.  So, enjoy this Guide To The Delaware Beaches | Lewes & Rehoboth Beach. 

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The Best Tips For An Easy Road Trip With Kids

 Being the mother of 5, I have learned a few road trip tricks along the way. This list covers your road trip essentials and road trip ideas for kids. 

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The Ultimate Family Weekend Getaway

 Pine Ridge Dude Ranch is an all inclusive family resort.  Make memories of a lifetime while sharing in a great outdoor adventure.  It doesn't have to be summertime...a weekend GETAWAY is just what your family needs.  

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