Enjoy the Ocean City, MD experience with M.R. Ducks, Talbot St. Water Sports, and the Talbot Inn

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Check the  CDC Website for information on the area you will be vacationing in.  Also, before you plan your vacation, visit A Family Guide To Travel After The Corona Virus for tips on travel.


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The Talbot Inn

 The Talbot Inn is family owned and operated.  There are many different rooms to choose from that can accompany 4 to 6 guests.  They also have 2 bedroom apartments available for weekly rentals.  The beach and boardwalk are just a couple blocks from these great accommodations  For more information go to  . 

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M.R.Ducks Bar and Grille

 While staying at the Talbot Inn, prepare yourself for an amazing family vacation.  There are so many things to do in Ocean City, MD and they are all at your fingertips.  M.R. Ducks Bar and Grille was opened in the early 1980's by the Lewis Family.  Designed to give the guests who travel the Talbot Inn, and the charter fisherman, a place to go.  Today, locals and tourists, welcome the great menu and spectacular sunsets.  For more information go to  

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M.R.Ducks Gift Store and Apparel


Next to the bar and grill is M.R.Ducks famous gift store.  Having 3 locations in Maryland and 2 in Myrtle Beach, you can buy just about anything while on your family vacation.  But, the most famousk in Ocean City, MD, being the M.R.Ducks shirts with the M.R.Ducks poem written on them.   

For more information about M.R.Ducks stores and apparel go to 

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Talbot St. Water Sports

 Last, but certainly not least, Talbot St. Water Sports.  I am sure if you have visited Ocean City before, and sat on the beach, you remember seeing the bright yellow speedboat travel by the coast line.  The Ocean City Rocket is just one of the boat tours available to highlight your family vacation.  From the Assategue Adventurer to the Duckaneer, there is a tour for each member of the family to make memories with 


The Duckaneer

  For a more detailed look at the Duckneer in Ocean City, MD go to  

Or Watch the Video!

 You can see there are so many things offered at the well known Talbot Street Piers.  Make sure you go to for information from accommodations to boat tours.  No matter where you travel from, you will not be disappointed.  This Ocean City destination will become your most memorable family vacation.

 A special thanks to Sean Coughlin of M.R.Ducks for his hospitality.  We will be back! 


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Escape into the world of pirates in this fun-filled family tour.  This Ocean City, MD boat tour is not a sight-seeing or charter fishing tour.  But, a travel adventure for all ages.  From discovering a secret map of treasurer to a battle of pirates.   Join the Captain and his crew as they set sail on The Duckaneer making your family vacation a one-of-a -kind experience.

  This is a sponsored post.  Even though I may have received free services in exchange for a review, These opinions are mine alone.   

Ocean City Boat Tours, The Duckaneer, boat tours near me, pirateship in Ocean City, MD, OC Rocket

Ocean City Boat Tours, The Duckaneer, boat tours near me, pirateship in Ocean City, MD, OC Rocket


Duckaneer, OC Rocket, Ocean City boat tours, bat tours near me, pirate ship Ocean City, Ocean City

 Before we even walked up the gangway, we were greeted by the Captain of The Duckaneer in Ocean City, MD,  and his crew.  Just like any good Captain, he was sizing everyone up on their family vacation,  to make sure that each crew member, would be a good pirate to travel on his precious pirate ship.

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 As we proceeded to set sail, we were told of the rules of a pirate ship and what characteristics makes a good pirate in Ocean City, MD.

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 Little did anyone know, this was just where the fun was to begin.  Fun and games was on the top of the itinerary for each crew member.  And as each crew member morphed into their own unique pirate within, there was still time to play tic-tac-toe on one pirates forehead. 

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But, after a secret map of treasure is found...we were invaded by the travel of another boat of pirates!

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Just like any good captain and his first mate would do, they told their crew of fellow pirates to ...FIGHT!

Duckaneer, OC Rocket, Ocean City Boat Tours, boat tours near me, pirateship Ocean City, MD

 When the battle was over, there was plenty of celebration among the pirates. And out of appreciation, the Captain shared his treasure, making this family vacation one of the best in Ocean City, MD.


 Thank you again to Sean Coughlin and Talbot Street Water Sports for their amazing hospitality. #cecistravels #familypalate2u 

 For more information on The Duckaneer, go to  . 

Duckaneer, OC Rocket, boat tours in Ocean City,  boat tours near me, pirateship Ocean City, MD

Duckaneer, OC Rocket, boat tours in Ocean City,  boat tours near me, pirateship Ocean City, MD


Duckaneer, OC Rocket, boat tours in Ocean City, boat tours near me, pirateship Ocean City, MD