The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches

The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches | Rehoboth & Lewes

 If you are thinking about vacationing at the Delaware Beaches, the first thing you will do is book a hotel, rent a vacation home, or even go camping.  The next step, is figuring out what you you will be doing. Most families or groups of friends will spend their time on the beaches.  But, their is so much to do then that.  So, enjoy this Guide To The Delaware Beaches | Lewes & Rehoboth Beach. 

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Check the  CDC Website for information on the area you will be vacationing in.  Also, before you plan your vacation, visit A Family Guide To Travel After The Corona Virus for tips on travel.

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things to do in rehoboth beach, things to do in lewes, de, things to do near me, delaware beaches

The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches

The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches | Rehoboth & Lewes

 If you have never visited the Delaware Beaches, you are in for a treat.  Close to Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, it is a comfortable distance to drive.  Each area has its own flavor and fun.  There are 4 major beaches to visit, Lewes Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, and Fenwick Island.  But, this is a guide for Rehoboth Beach, and Lewes.  A great suggestion, is once you have booked your accommodations, take a look at what to do in the area.  If you are spending a week, have 2 or 3 beach days.  Then pick one activity, in advance, to do the other days  This way, you are not overloading your schedule.  Keep it stress free.  Then, if you see something else you may want to have the time to do it.  Therefore, here is a simple Guide to The Delaware Beaches | Lewes & Rehoboth Beach. 

The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches

The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches | Rehoboth & Lewes

 1. If you are planning a beach vacation, you are going to visit the beach.  But, let me explain to you, there is a difference between the Lewes and Rehoboth Beaches,  Rehoboth Beach, is on the ocean.  You can have fun jumping or surfing the waves.  Lewes Beach, faces the bay.  There are no waves, which is great, if you have small children.   When visiting Rehoboth Beach, take a stroll on the boardwalk.  There are shops and their famous amusement park,  Funland.  Downtown Lewes is considered a historic district.  Filled with fantastic restaurants and shops, you will love it. 

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 2.  Lefty's Alley And Eats. in Lewes.  This amazing establishment combines bowling, food, and fun under one roof.  They have an arcade and laser tag too.  With a full bar and restaurant menu, this place does not offer your typical "bowling alley food", This is the place for families to enjoy themselves. Shoot each other in laser tag and win a few prizes at the arcade. While participating in a few games of bowling, you can have the waiter serve your dinner at your lane. Look for specials in the off season...they can be a money saver.  

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3.  Shell We Bounce is the ultimate trampoline park.  Not only do they offer fitness classes, but birthday parties too.  They have a virtual reality area and an arcade.  What I love, is that while your children are bouncing around, there are massage chairs upstairs. This allows parents to be able to keep an eye on their children, while getting a massage, They also have a snack bar with slices of pizza and hot dogs. Everyone can have fun...and it won't break the bank!  

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 4.   Escape Reality VR | Virtual Reality Gaming Is your family ready to spend some time in virtual reality? If so, this is the place to do it!  From immersion games to visiting world wide destinations, there is a virtual reality for each member of the family.  Located, steps away from the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, this is an awesome place to escape reality.  Take your children here, and you will feel like the cool parent!  To find out more information and watch our video go to  ESCAPE REALITY | VIRTUAL REALITY ARCADE | REHOBOTH BEACH, DE 

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5.   Cape Henlopen State Park This is no ordinary state park.  Fantastic beach with bathrooms!    But, it is so much more than that. From bike trails to nature trails, this state park has it all.  But, I love the Cape Henlopen State Park Programs.  There are so many to choose from, and most are family-friendly, hands-on, learning experiences.  Before you visit, look up the schedule, and reserve the program of your choice.  You will have a blast! 

6.  Ship Carpenter Street Campus Did you know Delaware is the first state?  So why not visit a few historical sites while on vacation?  This is one of my favorites! Located in the heart of historic Lewes, This campus houses 9 buildings. It is a combination of historical buildings including a doctor's office from 1850 and one of the first schools built in 1898.  There is a self guided tour and you can enjoy the park like setting for free! 

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 7.  The Eco Tour with Cape Water Tours And Taxi in Lewes is not your ordinary boat tour.  This cruise gives you an up close experience with the local marine life as you sail into the Delaware Bay.  This is one of our favorite tours!  Check out our video,  THE BEST DELAWARE CRUISE . 

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8.   Clear Space Theatre in Rehoboth Beach. Have dinner and take in a show!  There is no better place to see fantastic productions.  Their upcoming season is packed with family friendly shows.  Make sure you get your tickets in advance! 

9.  The Hideout Arcade Bar And Grill  Parents, this is the place for you!  Enjoy some nostalgia and great food, while showing your children how you played Pac Man when you were their age.  From pin ball machines to the start of Atari, this arcade is fun for the whole family.  Their menu, is not like an arcade menu, when we were kids. From Clams Chardonnay to Zelda Style Tacos,this is the place to be for an afternoon thrill.  But visit early, after 8pm. this establishment only allows for ages over 21. 

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 10.   Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth Beach.  What is a vacation, without doing a little shopping? The Tanger Outlets has all your name brand stores, with outlet prices.  Did I mention that Delaware has no sales tax!  Go shopping for your children and yourself.  From Nike to Carter's...the Tanger Outlets has it all!  

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 Delaware beaches is not just about fun and the sand.  Visit the Rehoboth Beach and Lewes areas to create family and friend memories to last a lifetime. For more information about other places to travel visit Family Palate. 

If planning a beach vacation to this area or another, read   THE ULTIMATE DAY AT THE BEACH FOR FAMILIES and  The Top 5 Tips For An Easy Road Trip With Kids

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The Ultimate Guide To The Delaware Beaches | Rehoboth & Lewes