About Me

Welcome to the family! Here are a few things about me!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ceci. I have 5 beautiful girls, which three of them I homeschool. Any parent, who teaches homeschool, knows how many times they are in the kitchen every single day. It is not just preparing breakfast, making sure there is a packed lunch, and then worrying about dinner. You start with that bowl of cereal, then before you know it, it is time for lunch. That doesn’t include snacks throughout the day, and before you know it, you need to make dinner. At this point, I am sure, that I am a certified short order cook. Over the years, I have had many friends stay at my home. They would always mention that I should teach others how to prepare meals. And finally, Family Palate was born. I have over twenty- five years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. I try to run my kitchen as a chef does in his restaurant. Don’t think for one moment, that when you order that tuna fish sandwich, the chef is now concentrating on your order only. The chef is not back there, taking out a can of tuna, chopping celery, and adding mayonnaise to complete your sandwich. It has already been prepped! The only action the chef needs to do is take out what bread he is serving your tuna fish salad on. The same goes for my kitchen. I try to prep 2 or three meals at a time, so I am not standing in the kitchen for long periods of time. I also hate the thought, of not having anything ready, and going to the refrigerator. You stand there for at least five minutes, staring into the abyss of food, and yet can’t find anything to cook for dinner. This method, not just learning a recipe to try, is what I hope to give you. I also include restaurant reviews and travel reviews. Why? After ten years of reviewing restaurants for clients, this gives me the opportunity to showcase the restaurants I really like. I also can give tips on how to save when you go out. I am including travel for the same reasons. My family loves to travel, but with this many people, you have to more than just budget. Let’s be honest, most people need to save for the next two years, just to take a five-day vacation. I hope to show you great places and how you can make it work. Join us for our love for food, travel, and fun.






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