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A Vegetarian Main Meal | Simple Puttanesca

Looking for a tasty, but simple, vegetarian dinner?  Look no further!  This dish, Puttanesca, is fantastic to make for yourself or families.  The taste of a marinara sauce,  with a robust flavor of black and green olives, leaves your mouth watering for more.  A Vegetarian Main Meal | Simple Puttanesca, is all you need for dinner tonight.   

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 Have you been searching for a great dinner without adding meat?  If so,this is the dish you want to make.  This vegetarian meal, Simple Puttanesca,  is flavorful and so easy to make.  Traditional Puttanesca, is usually made with anchovies.  But, this recipe, is family friendly and easy to make.  With the flavors of tomato and black and green olives, it is a big hit!  Presented over your favorite pasta, and you have a complete dinner for you and your whole family.  Remember, this recipe serves 4-6 servings.  If you need to make less, just cut the recipe in half.   

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10 min


20 min, 




2 Large cans of sliced black olives, 3.8 oz, drained

2 large jars of sliced green olives, 5.75 oz, drained

2 cans of petite diced tomatoes 14.5 oz

1 can of tomato sauce, 15 oz

1 can of tomato paste, 6 oz

boxes of Rotini pasts (or your choice)

3 tbsp of Italian seasoning

3 tbsp of chopped garlic

Olive Oil



Follow the directions stated for your pasta and drain.


Drizzle the olive oil on the bottom of the sauce pot.

Combine all the ingredients into the sauce pot


Continue stirring on medium high heat until it starts to bubble

Turn the heat down to simmer, stirring occasionally for 10 minutes


Pour over top your pasta an serve



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